GUHO thanks all their sponsors for supporting the orchestra.

Organising our orchestra requires a great financial effort in order to ensure a high quality standard for our rehearsals, activities, weekends and concerts.

Next to that, we want to be ambitious . We need to keep investing in our orchestra, and we're also dreaming of multiple concerts and even international concert trips. So to keep growing as an orchestra, we can definitely use your help as a sponsor well!

GUHO offers different cooperation opportunities for your company to support our orchestra. We offer a publicity platform to reach our broad audience, that not only encompasses students and people from Ghent. For more information, check out our sponsorship file at the bottom of the page. We're definitely open to other sponsorship ideas and further negotiations!

For more information or questions, you are welcome at pr-extern@guho.be.

We thank our sponsors:

Check out our sponsor file here: