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On May 10, 2022, after 2 years of delay for known reasons, the GUHO could finally celebrate their 10-year anniversary in the 'Bijloke' of Ghent. Two works premiered that evening: 'Tetraktys' and 'The Evil God and The Dance of The Pagan Monsters'. 'Tetraktys' was written by Klaas Coulembier, in honor of our 10th anniversary. The number '10', 'GUHO' and the initials of our conductor Dimitri Bracke are incorporated in the piece in a well thought-out way.

CONCERTO FOR GROUP AND ORCHESTRA - Jon Lord, arr. Jos van de Braak

On December 5th 2019, GUHO performed their concert programme '1969'. We played, among others, the Concerto for Group and Orchestra by Jon Lord, co-founder of the English rock band Deep Purple. We collaborated with Ruben Degeest (voice & bass), Thomas De Schepper (guitar), Jan Borré (Hammond organ) and Bert D'Hondt (drums) to perform this explosive three-parter.


On May 8th 2019, 'Intercity' was all about cities around the world. We performed, among others, Perthshire Majesty (Samuel R. Hazo), Postcard from Buenos Aires (Dirk Brossé) and Parade of the Slave Children (John Williams, arr. Walker).


In 2017, both Ghent University and Liège University celebrated their 200th birthday. To celebrate, the musical ensembles of the two universities came together to bring the concert series 'Uni Ducenti'. First at the Capitole in Ghent, then at the Forum in Liège and finally, at BOZAR in Brussels, in the presence of our King Filip. For this, GUHO collaborated with GUSO, GUK and Continuo, and the Liège choir and symphonic orchestra. GUHO performed 'Meridian' by Ola Gjeilo with GUK, and participated in 'Antifoon' by Wim Henderickx, a climax bringing all ensembles together.


On December 14th 2016, GUHO played a varied winter concert. On the programme was Grand Fanfare (Giancarlo Castro d'Addona), Music from 'The Incredibles' (Michael Giacchino, arr. Bocook) and Godzilla Eats Las Vegas! (Eric Whitacre).